Scentwork Trials are based on detection-style nose work practiced daily by customs and excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search and rescue dogs and medical detection dogs.

Scentwork is a natural behaviour for a dog, so, as a training activity it is fun and very rewarding. It will improve the relationship between you and your dog and is a great confidence builder especially for the shy dog. Typical scentwork involves searching in different indoor and outdoor situations, with awards at several levels to be gained. Typical search situations are: ‘Container’, ‘Tables & chairs’, 'Exterior’ and ‘Vehicle’. The dog has to learn to search thoroughly for the scent, while the handler has to learn how to 'read' the dog to determine whether it has found the scent correctly.

Two of the organisations offering training and testing are:, Scentwork Wales (see facebook) and

Several of our members are now involved in scentwork. If you have news of your successes with your Rough or Smooth Collie do send it for the news list below. More photos too please!

2019 Scentwork News

Debbie and Sundae got ScentworkUK Level 1 in February with a 'clean sweep' and 4th place - well done both!!

2018 Scentwork News

Tina and Cliffie got Scentwork Wales Level 3 in April - well done both!! They improved this by achieving Bronze Level 3 in June.

Tina Abbott and Cliffie got Scentwork Wales Level 2 in Feb - congratulations. Had to search two tables and eight chairs for a scent, then 15 mixed containers- the scent was hidden inside a Filofax.

Well done to Tracey Prall and Trev, who recently passed their level 1 scentwork with Scentwork Wales