The Rough & Smooth Collie
Training Association

(Gail Blair)

Rough & Smooth Collies participating in Working Trials can join the RSCTA Obedience League

There are two sections to a working trial, the nosework round and the control & agility round. There are also four progressive stakes CD (companion dog), UD (utility dog), WD (working dog), TD (tracking dog) and a specialised manwork stake PD ( patrol dog). I do not intend to go into detail on this page as this information already exists on the web. To access informative sites click on the links further down the page. The main thing you need to know is that working trials are great fun, the people are friendly and the dogs absolutely love it.
The essential equipment necessary to contemplate starting this challenging activity are as follows:
Tracking harness and line, and a dumbbell for the retrieve.
Access to a set of working trials agility jumps & scale. Try your local dog training or working trials club.